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Find all the contact information you need to live and work in and around our town, including information about our Mayor and Town Council, Town Staff & Departments, and Official Committees.  The Town Government is made up of a Mayor and six Council Members. Council meetings are scheduled for the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. The Town has finished construction on their new City Complex. The dedication of the new complex was July 22, 1995. The building houses the Town Offices, Council Chambers, Library, and Auditorium.

Discover Cheyenne Wells

Learn more about living, learning, and growing in and around Cheyenne Wells, a small town with big city amenities located at the junction of Highways 385 and 40 in Eastern Colorado.  We have several exciting events that happen in our small town during the year. Cheyenne Wells is the host of the Cheyenne County Fair, Tumbleweed Festival, and also the PBR Enterprise Bull Riding tour, just to mention a few. If you are in the area, stop in and let us show you our small town hospitality.

Local Events


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Cheyenne Wells residents it’s time to renew your burn permits for yard debris for 2018 at the Town Clerk’s office the cost is $10.00. 

Cheyenne Wells residents remember you are required to file a building permit for all new structures, fences, sidewalks, patios, and driveways at the Town Clerk’s office cost will depend on type of construction.


Every resident within city limits who operates a business out of their house or in a residential zone must apply for a Condition Use Permit to operate a business in a residential zoned area.  This is a one- time application.  Please stop by the Town Clerk’s office for more details.






History of Cheyenne Wells

Cheyenne Wells got its name from the Cheyenne Indians and their water well. The original Town was located near the fork of the Smokey Hill River, which is five miles north of its present location. When it was located north, it was a regular stop for the stagecoach line from Kansas City to Denver.

The Kansas Pacific Railroad reached the Town of Cheyenne Wells on March 3, 1870. The Town had a population of 695 then. Cheyenne Wells was the division point of the Union Pacific Railroad from 1890 to 1908. The Town was incorporated on March 14, 1890. When it was incorporated it had an area of 520 acres.

Cheyenne Wells is the County seat of Cheyenne County and has a population of approximately 920. The climate and environment are very healthy. The water supply is pure and unlimited.